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A Quick and Dirty Optics Discussion

There is no doubt that modern optics have revolutionized sporting, hunting, and military rifles. There is a vast array of optics choices for the consumer today and it can feel like a bit of a daunting prospect if you are newer to shooting or rifles for defense to pick a sound choice. This brief guide […]

Those with quick friends and the dead. An introduction to medical training.

As things around us heat up we should all be gaining, maintaining and improving our medical skills. There are lots of great options for this training, but the basics for trauma treatment in the field are pretty well developed. Exsanguinating bleeding, airway, breathing, circulation, XABC is a good way to remember it. For seriously wounded […]

The Mob Comes to You. Targeted Harassment Evolves.

Many Marxist intellectuals supported Pol-Pot right up until he had them shot (if lucky) or beaten to death or worse. Many highly conscientious white people have come out in support of the BLM movement. A fair number of them are of course going to be Boomers. Boomers always seem slightly perplexed – many of them […]