The Mob Comes to You. Targeted Harassment Evolves.

Many Marxist intellectuals supported Pol-Pot right up until he had them shot (if lucky) or beaten to death or worse.

Many highly conscientious white people have come out in support of the BLM movement. A fair number of them are of course going to be Boomers. Boomers always seem slightly perplexed – many of them consider themselves perfectly on the ‘Right Side of History’. Hence the gentleman’s confusion at why the Black mob is targeting him.

Of course none of this is new. We saw the BLM mobs accosting diners across the country over the summer months. Indeed we saw some incredibly brave white men and women refuse to bend the knee. We can learn a lot from them. Still others will bend their knee and the tactics used will evolve.

For instance. Have you heard of the Tascón List?

We had not either but thanks to Twitter and other people we know of it now.

What is it?

The Tascón List is a list of millions of signatures of Venezuelans who asked in 2003 and 2004 for the recall of the President of VenezuelaHugo Chávez. The list, published online by National Assembly member Luis Tascón, is used by the Venezuelan government to discriminate against those who have signed against Chávez

If you are of a Conservative orientation you may deal with discrimination today already. We know of many quiet conservatives at companies across the West who can’t speak up for fear of ostracisation at best and loss of employment at worst. This is a stated goal of theWoke Left and they have been incredibly effective at harnessing the power of private companies to perform a kind of legal discrimination.

And now?

Congress members of the Woke Left are calling for the same thing. So whilst on the one hand you have Biden saying:

The people behind Biden. Those who support him. Those who will coast to positions of power with his ascendency are behaving in another way:

They won’t stop there either.

They’ll come for donor lists. They’ll come for anyone registered as a Republican. Any public information suggestion you might have supporter Trump in some fashion is going to become weaponized.

There are some misguided folks who think a Biden Presidency will appease the Left. This people are foolish. They have spent 4 years devoting immense energy. That energy does not disappear into the void – it will be redirected. It will be retargeted.

And you, reader.

You are going to be the target.

You better be prepared.

3 thoughts on “The Mob Comes to You. Targeted Harassment Evolves.

  1. No worries, I’m sure your elected Republican representatives will write strongly worded letters of protest once the physical round ups start. Yes, you will be rotting in a gulag, but you will be thought about by those you elected to protect you, have no fear…


  2. Ten years ago, it was held that there is a list, known as Main Core. Supposedly, it is held by ‘intelligence agencies’ and contains the pertinent details of 8+ million Americans who might be ‘problematical’, and who might need special attention.


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