A Quick and Dirty Optics Discussion

There is no doubt that modern optics have revolutionized sporting, hunting, and military rifles. There is a vast array of optics choices for the consumer today and it can feel like a bit of a daunting prospect if you are newer to shooting or rifles for defense to pick a sound choice. This brief guide […]

The Mob Comes to You. Targeted Harassment Evolves.

Many Marxist intellectuals supported Pol-Pot right up until he had them shot (if lucky) or beaten to death or worse. Many highly conscientious white people have come out in support of the BLM movement. A fair number of them are of course going to be Boomers. Boomers always seem slightly perplexed – many of them […]

The Election Security Checklist.

It’s election time. Numerous cities are boarding up their downtowns with plywood. It isn’t a hurricane they fear but a whirlwind of dangerous energy sparked by upset people. Those people have had plenty of practice during a simmering summer of rage as well. If you’re reading this you’re probably wise to what could happen – […]

Lecture Recommendation: Out of the Mountains.

One of the major changes we are witnessing in America is the growth of increased civil unrest. This is taking place in the urban environment and this has been a trend observed by many. David Kilcullen has an excellent talk on how the future is away from conflicts in remote places like the Afghani highlands […]

Family-As-Auxiliary AR Builds

Earlier this year I realized that I had a desperate need to update my personal arsenal into a family defensive arsenal so that I could streamline ammunition logistics, spares, etc. as much as possible. My personal collection was interesting, and I had a core battery with plenty of options for my own use, but my […]

The Gun as Totem and Talisman

Amidst the ongoing civil unrest in the United States one things has become blindingly obvious. White Americans increasingly view their firearms as totems. That this has developed is not surprising. A totem is is an item which is a revered symbol of ancestry. Nothing speaks more to the deracinated white American than a firearm. That […]


Editors NoteStarting a new blog is never easy, it is made easier with Twitter frends who take the time to write up their thoughts. We reached out to Shantyman after an interesting Twitter thread he posted. He kindly engaged with us and took the time to write up further thoughts on warfare and where he […]

A basic introduction to street self defense – part 2

Part 1 discussed the basics of self protection: awareness and managing unknown persons. In Part 2 the discussion will be more about training and key principles. Key Principles There are a few key principles that one should keep in mind when building a training program. You have to stay conscious in the fight. You do […]

A basic introduction to street self defense – part 1

Part 1: Managing threats This is perhaps the most important part of any discussion on self-defense. It is also routinely overlooked by many who instead jump to which caliber they want to CCW or whether an elbow strike is preferable to a kick to the bollocks. A lot of this section has been well developed […]


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